Aston Martin’s first SUV to be called DBX

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British exotic carmaker previews new rival for Ferrari Purosangue and Lamborghini Urus in camouflaged form.

So it’s got rear doors?

While the Aston Martin DBX concept car sported a three-door SUV package several years ago, the production-ready model is getting a more common and traditional five-door body.

As seen in these official pictures handed out by the British exotic carmaker, Aston’s first SUV will be called DBX just as the preceding show car was named as.

Although the DBX is still wrapped in camouflage, there are several classic design cues of Aston like the front grille. The circular rear lamps, however, is a new theme.

Although the DBX should be able to get its hands dirty from time to time, these pictures reveal 22-inch wheels rimmed with Pirelli P Zero tyres clearly indicating its on-road bias.

What kind of power will it get?

Aston has yet to reveal what lurks under the bonnet of the DBX, although the current 5.2-litre V12 and AMG-sourced 4.0-litre V8 are the obvious candidates.

Hybrid power is likely to feature, as well, as the DBX will be made at the brand’s new Welsh factory, claimed by Aston to be the “home of electrification”.

Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance arm may also be supplying the 4×4 hardware, something Aston doesn’t have, and the vehicle’s electrical structure.

Expect an all-electric SUV to eventually come on stream, although that should be beyond 2020 and wearing the Lagonda badge instead.

And when will the DBX go on sale?

Aston says the DBX will make its world debut in the final quarter of 2019. That should be ahead of Ferrari’s new SUV, confirmed to be called Purosangue.

An SUV with sporty pedigree that has already gone on sale in world markets is the 650hp Lamborghini Urus. 

Next year, Porsche is planning a coupe version of the Cayenne SUV, itself sharing the mechanical underpinnings with that Lambo.

What we’re about to see by 2020 are SUVs from four highly desirable brands with serious on-road performance.

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