Drone footage captures snowy scenes – BBC News

Drone footage captured snowy scenes in Ipswich as wintry conditions hit the town and much.

Have Colorado’s new gun laws failed? BBC News

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews In July 2012, a gunman shot dead 12 people and.

Exodus: Why an 11-year-girl old trekked across Europe – BBC News

Eleven-year-old Israa trekked more than 2000 miles (3000km) with her family to reach northern Europe..

Hajj: 7 things you don’t know about the Muslim Pilgrimage – BBC News

Millions of Muslims from all around the world are gathering in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to.

NEW: CCTV shows Genoa bridge collapse – BBC News

Security footage shows the moment a motorway bridge in Genoa collapsed on a street below,.

Can ice stupas solve the water crisis in the Himalayan Desert? – BBC News

Meet the engineers who build glaciers from scratch to help isolated villages in Ladakh, the.

‘I transitioned and lost my male privilege’ – BBC News

“Male privilege” is the concept that men have certain advantages within society for no other.

North Koreans’ views on nuclear tests – BBC News

Speculation has been growing that North Korea may be ready to carry out its sixth.

Hurricane Irma: Couple have baby as storm hits – BBC News

Cara Kesling went into labour as Hurricane Irma approached Florida. She tells her story together.

Forgotten secret wartime Tube station opened – BBC News

Beneath Clapham South Tube station lie a warren of tunnels which provided shelter for 8000.