Merkel’s reaction after European Parliament Elections (recorded LIVE feed)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to hold a press conference in which she is expected to.

Putin: Meeting with Trump was “successful”

At a speech to his Ambassadors and permanent representatives on Thursday, President Putin says his.

Getting a thirst for Belgian wine

It may be well known for its beer, but Belgium is now growing its wine.

Novichok victim released from UK hospital

Charlie Rowley, one of two Britons poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok last month, has.

President Trump holds President Putin personally responsible for meddling in 2016 election

Trump made the comment in an interview with CBS, after a second day of efforts.

Education in the Netherlands: ‘I don’t want my daughter taught in a museum’ – learning world

The education system in the Netherlands is often highly placed in international rankings, but cultural.

Real-life ‘Iron Man’ launches at airshow, days after £340k flying jet suit goes on sale

Three days following the commercial launch of his £340000 jet suit in partnership with department.

Watch: Dutch PM Rutte interrupts Trump over trade deal claims

The Dutch prime minister said “No” when Trump claimed that failing to reach an agreement.

Rwanda strongman Kagame wins election landslide

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has been re-elected, with little short of 100 per cent of.

Heatwave Summer: Is this a temporary or long term trend?

Heatwave Summer: Is this a temporary or long term trend? source